Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nesta event on Collaborative consumption review part.2 (a.n.other)

Following on from the previous blog post, I'll discuss the other speakers talks all together. These speakers are:-

*Ben Dineen, Spice time bank founder
*Giles Andrews, founder of social lending site Zopa
*Vinay Gupta, founder of WhipCar

This is not to belittle there role, but Rachel's talk was longer than the others, therefore more could be written. By the way there a great interview here with Rachel after the talk here.

Giles Andrews opened proceedings and discussed Zopa and the importance of trust as a commodity within his company. He also discussed how Ebay was an obvious role model for there company.

Vinay then gave a very brief and very good slide show of his company an how it worked. He described how most cars only get an hour a day use and the average yearly cost is £5000 per year for a car. Therefore, he wants it so cars are being fully utilised by the community.

Ben Dineen from spice then spoke of his company. He described how his site worked by rewarding people for there time invested. Therefore dig a garden over somewhere for two hours and u get two hours ironing (this is my own example, but you get the idea). Its mainly a welsh company, but he described one town in Wales in which all the people have invested there time. He discuused the positive feedback loop in that this can cut down anti-social behaviour and creates a sense of community. In Ben's world, kinship is enhanced.

As I said previously, Rachel spoke mostly, therefore the coverage of the other's was reduced. Obviously this is just a brief overview.

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