Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oh my.....librarians promoting themselves

(Found via) here. Phil Bradley pointed me in the direction of Voices for the Library website and blog. The site says :-

Voices for the Library is a place for everyone who loves libraries to share their stories and experiences of the value of public libraries.

The team includes Bethan Ruddock, Gary Green, Ian Clark, Johanna Anderson, Katy Wrathall, Lauren Smith and Mick Fortune.

So, if you want to:-

Promoting the need for and value of trained librarians within a free and open-to-all UK public library service.

Go there today. And great site and even better idea.


Lauren said...

Thanks for the mention!

If you want to link to the rest of us, we're:

@Jo_Bo_Anderson, @ijclark and @walkyouhome on Twitter!

library2.0 said...

Lauren, twitter links updated ;)