Monday, July 19, 2010

To spend or not to spend on one's career?

The real wikiman blog has an article entitled Do you spend enough on career development? As is usual with his blog he makes some fairly salient points. His most glaring is:-

I’m very fortunate in two ways: firstly I work for an employer that invests in training opportunities and takes developing its employees seriously, so for all stuff directly relevant to my job I get sent off on training all the time. Secondly, by the time this blog is two years old this time next year, I think I will have attended more than 10 fantastic events for free (and with train fares paid), that I would otherwise have paid to attend myself as a delegate, because I’m either speaking at them or helping organise them. It sounds outrageously cynical / glib to say it’s worth submitting a paper for an event you really want to go to, but it really is worth bearing in mind! You’ll get more out of the day anyway, and you’ll save a lot of money. Same goes for volunteering to help run things – hard work, but free attendance For The Win.

I do feel nowadays, contracts are becoming short -term and career development funding slashed. Maybe we need more courses on how to submitting a paper perhaps?

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