Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 years on....the 7 year itch strikes early

Five years tomorrow two important events occurred. One important and one I look on with declining interest. The important one is meeting my German girlfriend at a friends 30th birthday. I opened our conversation with the following joke:-
What did the German watchmaker say to the clock that didn't work? Ve have vays of making you tock.
OK, not funny.
Anyhow, the second event was getting on the MSc in Library Science. The only thing I had to do was get some experience of working in a library. This was achieved when I was given an 8 hour voluntary role at a public library in North London. I enjoyed the course and my time there. I brought a fresh breath of air and outlook to the library.
I've since moved on from there and in with my girlfriend. I work in an academic library on a short-term contract. Idea's and fresh approaches are frowned upon. Cynicism being my only release from the drudgery of my role that still exists (for the moment). Training is usually self taught, as there is no training at work. The only time I feel fulfilled is blogging, reading the learning. Gary Green's recent post made me look at changing direction and learn some new skills (which I'm slowly doing). I'm also looking for a role within as an SEO or something where my mind is used.
The good thing is at least I have one thing to celebrate tomorrow. Thank god for my girlfriend.

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