Monday, March 01, 2010

Hollywood Librarian 2 at Stuart Hall, Part II

The day started in Hoxton at the Stuart Hall library. Assistant librarian Holly Callaghan introduced the event and discussed the vent and how it was the second in the series of events held here. She discussed Maura Seale's treatise on the portrayal of librarians entitled 'Old maids, and social rejects : Mass media representations and public perceptions of Librarians'. This describes how 5 types of librarians are identified within modern culture. These being:

1.The Old Maid Librarian.
2.The Policeman Librarian.
3.The Policeman Librarian.
4.The Inept Librarian.
5.The Hero/ine Librarian.

Then we watched Desk Set. Then a break for lunch.

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