Monday, February 15, 2010

Chartership and beyond event in London

Last week I went to a Chartership and beyond event at Cilip. Those in charge of the event were Michael Martin, Franko Kowalczuk, Alex Seymour and Emma Illingworth. Two of them have also written about it here and here.

We then had a break and looked at some old portfolios to see how they were set up. There was only three and too few for all of us to look at.

There was a discussion by Michael and Franko on what chartership was (and was not) and how to start and finish a portfolio. We were then split into groups to discuss area's of concern within the library or area's we were looking into, to improve the library. This could then be added within our portfolio. This was an interesting discussion on information literacy amongst other things. Was fairly interesting to hear different librarians views.

Anyhow, got a nice certificate at the end of it.

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