Monday, September 28, 2009

Why do I do this?

I recently read Jennie Laws Blogpost Why do I do This?, which was a follow up to Woodsiegirls post entitled Careers Advice. Both looked at why they had become librarians and how they had got to this career path. I thought I would add my reasons on becoming a librarian.
Well, I went to Bath Spa University in 1992 to do my BA in History and English. Whilst there I spent a lot of my time working in the library, went to the courses on how to use inter-library loans. I really enjoyed my time there and graduated in 1995. I really wanted to then be a librarian. In 1996 I went to Kingston and worked for an agency and even went for a job interview as a librarian and did not get it. Well, a few more jobs came and went (but nothing like what I wanted). Then in 2004 I worked for a friend as a carer and assisted him on his movie in the USA. Whilst working as a carer I was able to save up to do my Masters Degree in 2005 at City. As part of my degree I had to work within a library. I worked at a public library in Seven sisters as a volunteer for 2 years and really enjoyed it.
Whilst doing my masters I became interested in Web 2.0 and library 2.0. I began blogging whilst doing my degree and have been ever since.
In 2007 I passed my masters and began looking for a job. I got my first paid job working as library assistant in a public library on the Holloway road in October 2007. It was a temporary role, but it was enjoyable to enjoy going into work. In march 2008 I got my present role at an academic library in Bloomsbury.
Although it took me a long time to get the job in a library, I never have regretted it. Its the best job in the world.

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Woodsiegirl said...

Great post, really interesting to hear different people's perspectives on this!

This topic seems to be creating a bit of a buzz, so we've set up a wiki to collate people's blog posts on the subject. Fancy adding in a link to your post? The wiki is here: and it's really quick to edit - you just need to register, but that doesn't take long. Interested?
- Laura