Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Brother's killer given life.....

Last week I pointed out the Killer of my brother was to be sentenced to life in prison. But can appeal after 13 years (minus 252 days). The assault on my brother (read here was awful. That he got such a low tarif makes me sad and wonder what he needed to get a higher one. His Excuses that he had ADHD, had a bad upbring etc disgust me. I mean, his mum and step-father were there for him and he says that. This guy was a violent thug, on the sex offenders list and with a history of violence and a police record. This was always likely to happen. His so called feelings of remorse went so far as to saying he had not done it for three months, even though the police had his bloodied trainers and socks.
I really hope he is never released, as this will happen again with this 'person'. He's unstable and a menace to society. If he came out and did this again my family would be tormented forever, as we would feel responsible we had not made it longer. I don't say this through hatred (I have enough), but find out his history.
He has put my family through hell. My parents miss my brother so much. Its like a bomb has landed on them and there looking through the emotional rubble. They did everything for him and everything with him.
I miss Jody so much. He was a lovely guy, sweet natured, hard working, his own man and most importantly my brother. How I move on is hard at the moment, but I thanfully have the support of many friends and the concerns of my parents.
Jody, i'll always love you but miss him even more.

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