Friday, February 13, 2009

Ebooks, reviewed and abused......

It the ubiquity of the ipod touch and iphone. Along with the news of the new Kindle 2, and release of the Sony eReader at Waterstones, there has been some debate about ebooks. Two interseting reviews have been described in some detail by library bloggers. Joeyanne in her review talks about one of applications she has used on apple's products, being Stanza. There is also Classics that has been released free as well. There is also a new one called beam it down. This new one has a few free books as well as some to download you pay for.
These reviews could be added to an interesting podcast I heard on Guardian Technology, which discussed the ereaders and ebooks would take off, in it author and games writer Naomi Alderman discusses her hopes and fears for ebooks as Amazon launch their new gadget - the Kindle 2. There's some interest outlook on the financial repercussion and who would the market be.
Thankfully, there is some criticism about ereaders to.

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