Monday, November 03, 2008

Saying good bye

I went down to Cornwall this weekend. Since my brothers death I have not been as much as I had hoped with other commitments (like weddings and house hunting). We (my niece and parents that is) had to pack his so few belongings. It brought home I have no future with this person, just cherished memories. I some times feel this gets better, but it always comes back. Hopefully some day the loss might not be so sharp.
On my journey home I started using his photo's in Imovie. I loved doing it, but just so few photo's of one I held so dear. I think of what one blogger wrote previously to me:-

I also lost a brother. He was 24; I was 26. At 53, he's still as alive in my heart and in my head as ever, though we will never get to compare wrinkles. His birthday is coming up: August 7. I will be celebrating it with him in my dreams.

I miss you everyday Jo.

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