Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Innocent blood

My step dad left this poem as a tribute to my brother. For those who feel my actions are wrong for this site, then I apologise, but am using this as I can't make sense of much at the moment.


Innocent blood, poured out on the sand,
innocent blood from an innocent man,
Life taken, lives ruined, by mindless attack,
life taken, lives ruined, AND NO TURNING BACK.

No smile, no joy, no memory now,
no smile, no joy, no crease of the brow,
no laugh, no shout, no jokes \in the night,
no laugh, no shout, ``Dad, mum, you alright ? "

No future together, no son to hold,
no friend through the years as I grow old,
How much you have taken, you may never have known,
The love of a father, for his son that has gone.



Phil said...

To be honest, if anyone tries to tell you what you should use your blog for - the clear answer is two words, starting with F and O. If writing to a blog helps you get through this awful time, you should absolutely go for it.

schammond said...

I don't know what I can say that will help but I think not saying anything is certainly not helpful.
I just wanted to say that I cannot imagine what hell you are going through. You just do whatever you need to get through this, don't let anyone tell you there's a right way to deal with this.
Sending you all my best wishes.