Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is Print dead?

I have just finished Print Is Dead: Books in our Digital Age, which discusses the future of books in a digital age. I was interested in seeing what Jeff Gomez had to say. I was not that impressed. Firstly, if your writing about books check your quotes, because in a digital age any idiot can check this. So do not quote that Growing Up Digital: Rise of the Net Generation was written in 2006, that was another Tapscott book.
Then he goes on about how the millenials are turned off by magazines, books and newspapers, and turning to there sony readers and Amazon Kindles. The idea of the pleasure of using the text is discussed and rubbished. But, if the death of print is occured, why does he not discuss childrens books? Kids love the visual quality of books, the learning of colour on the page and the numbers and they also love being read stories. Gomez just paints over this issue. Wow, what a waste of my time, I even wished print was dead after reading this.

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