Friday, April 18, 2008

Hollywood Librarian review

Having missed the first screening of the Hollywood librarian, I was not going to miss the first in London. I got there in good time, and was one of 8 people there to see it. I'd seen more people at worst films than this, with friends who will remain nameless.
Well, for those of you who have seen the film, are librarians and enjoy you job (so not annoyed librarian then), you will love it. The film discusses the role very much from an American view point, but thats not a bad thing. It looks into the descruction of Baghdad library, comparing it with the desctruction in Alexandria. It looks at the declining revenues paid into libraries and the impact they have on there communities. It looks at how libraries have been portrayed in film (from Fahrenheit 451 and the time machine, and librararians). But most importantly it looked at how we love our job, and how priviledge we feel to do it. I came away feeling quite elated.
One complaint though. Why not more people there? Why didn't they advertise it in Cilip ? it is London.

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Ann S said...

Thanks for the review of The Hollywood Librarian, and your continued blogging about it. Delighted that you enjoyed the film, and sorry not more people came out. Hopefully there will larger crowds if more librarians promote it. ~ann seidl, writer and director