Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Job hunting and blowing your own horn

I read an interesting blog found called blowing your own horn. Ahmed Bilal writes:-

Self-Promotion is something most of us are uncomfortable with - and it's not just the prospect of 'selling' that turns us off, in reality its insecurity (cleverly dressed as modesty) that holds us back.

Whether by nature or by society, we are programmed to sell ourselves short.

I was interested in this, as i have just finished my course, and working through my last few weeks at my present job. Therefore, application forms are presently my main source of reading material. Not the most interesting thing to do.

Therefore, when re-reading through a job application, how one needs to do it not only within application forms but also when working within a library.

In this point I mean the idea of advocacy. In the last few weeks I noted Meredith Farkas discussing the Mudflap girl,
who is now being used as an icon for Wyoming's libraries to indicate they 'are as expansive as the state, and as close as down the street.' I always find it interesting how libraries blowing there own horn.

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