Friday, July 06, 2007

What I have learnt as a blogger

Having reached 1 year and promised to write about my experiences as a blogger over that period I thought I would do that now as I've been relatively quite lately (I blame my dissertation).
1. The first thing I learnt in this year is to read before you speak. Having read Rebecca Blood's book, it gave me a basic idea and history of the subject. After that I needed to gain some people I enjoyed reading. Bloglines has really helped.
2. Always answer comments. Obvious. But many people do not. Its polite and keeps the conversation going.
3. Try and keep your post regular, but only if have something to talk about. Also, look at other blogs and extend or trim your your remit. Although my blog started off as predominantly as a predominantly library 2.0, but the remit has changed to looking at my job and dissertation.

This is just part of a series of short idea. My next post will be how to gain users to your site. This is no that i'm oh so popular, just some idea's I have learnt from other blogs and bloggers.

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