Monday, June 04, 2007

Naked Conversation.....oh, we're CILIP lets make it no conversation

Although Cilip has enough of its detractors, who are more articulate in there arguments, I thought they were doing something really useful in providing a daily round-up newsletter for information workers. UNTIL TODAY.
Then, you get an email, informing you there replacing it with a weekly one. How good of them to show how poorly there acting. This falls down in so many ways, and perhaps underlines CILIP lack of judgement. This is how I see it falls down.
1. The newsletter we recieved today informed us there would no longer be a daily mail-out. But no explanaition was given. If you opened a library on sundays for 6 months and then just stopped it without no explanation, would the user be happy. NO. CILIP are the professional body that are supposed to lead in these area's and not show us how to do a bad job about it.
2.The newsletter today says:-
Although the current daily bulletin has now ceased, we will be looking at alternative ways of keeping you up to date. Our enhanced weekly bulletin will be appearing on Thursday.

Again, this is covered in bad PR (a reflection of CILIP and some libraries), when they are making all the decisions. In an enviroment of library 2.0 we are all investors in the service we work for. The new network economy can enhance user experience, but CILIP seems to reject this idea. Why didn't CILIP have an email address so we could have some idea's for what they should do with a new service. Oh no. We just pay for the priviledge of being members to CILIP, and our opinion is irrelevant.
3. A weekly bulletin board is impreactical. A weekly update means dated news. More news to read in my inbox. A daily one is short and fresh.
Their are plenty more criticisms I could add, but the idea of CILIP ever taking note is a forlorn hope I think. I do feel that consultation would have been a good idea here.


Tom Roper said...

Hi. I'm unhappy about it too, but there was a prioritisation exercise conducted on the CILIP communities forum back in the autumn. When the end of the daily bulletins (which I valued too) was announced, I went back and looked at them again, and the daily bulletins were mostly rated as nice to have, but not essential. I suppose the thinking is that, being information professionals, we can do our own scnaning.
A pity, I agree, but with a shrinking membership and a financial crisis, it's hard to see what else we could do.

library2.0 said...

Tom, I agree that financial constaints have impacted on withdrawing this. Also, that most of us will (hopefully) have our own RSS Feeds to garner information. But, the way it was done was sloppy. If you stop something at least explain your reason why. Cilip is not gaining more people by not talking to them, they'll lose them.......