Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The week that was.........

Another week and another three blogs to add.

1. Wired interviewed to Helene Blowers and Michael Stephens. Good to see them getting the attention they deserve.
2. Walking Paper pointed me in the direction of an Economist article Not bound by anything dealing with the digitising of books and there impact. Ok, Kevin Kelly perhaps discussed it last year in the new york times, but as ever walking paper has an interesting spin on the story.
3. Pete over on Library too has a piece on why we qualify as librarians. I totally agree when he says:-
I also studied for a Masters in Information and Library Management. My goal- a professional post. One with some strategic responsibility, some chance to develop collections.
And here I am doing those things, working alongside library assistants. I hope I don’t come across as arrogant or elitist. I never had that feeling about the librarians I worked with when I was a library assistant. I just recognised that there were different tasks to be done, by different people, working to different expectations. As I still do.

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Pete said...

Cheers Les. I'm engaged in a fun debate with Tim Coates over at his blog on this issue. Tis the big issue of our times- deprofessionalise to survive? Don't worry about the status, it's about the service ;) Should librarians be asked not to care about their pay, cos they are public servants? That'd give us parity with nurses and teachers ;D