Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Libraries as internet cafe's

The Good library blog directed me towards a Daily Mail article called Internet cafes that used to be libraries and its comments. I'm certainly not a fan of the paper (if your American, with left leaning view points think fox news). It has some interesting views but more in the comments I find. I think the one that goes as follows hits the:-

Also, library staff (who are poorly paid) are expected to be computer technicians and answer technical questions

Now, unlike most of this article, I don't mind computers in a library. Its having to assist people on the computers, when a lack of training is given to you. I like assisting people, but sometimes patrons won't even go to some of the free course's libraries run. But then, i'm in a bad mood, an perhaps i'm just ,oaning too much......................


Paulus said...

Hear, Hear! I don't want to agree with the Mail either, but most people DO treat libraries as Internet places. It's an uncomfortable truth. It's a shame that libraries and internet places (for checking email) have to be in the same room.

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